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Generate API key + secret on Binance
Generate API key + secret on Binance

Generate API key + secret on your Binance account to enable trading via GSMG

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Once you have a verified account with 2FA enabled on, you will be able to generate an API key (and secret).

This API key and secret are required by GSMG so that GSMG can initiate trades with the funds in your Binance account in your behalf.

To generate the API key + secret, login to your Binance account and choose "API key management" from the menu (top right) like so:

Click "Create API" then:

After that work your way through the security quiz:

After which you should get a message like so:

And you should be seeing the newly created API key (like below) then click "Edit" like so:

When editing the further configuration of your key, you must choose to restrict the key to whitelisted IP addresses.

Copy paste following line completely into the related field:

like shown here:

Then click "Confirm" on the whitelisted IP list and "Save" to save the new configuration.

Work your way through the security quiz.

Finally, your key should look something like this:


Upload your key into your GSMG account via the "Settings" page, like so:

Once you get confirmation from GSMG that your API key and secret have been saved, then don't forget to enable your trade engine on the dashboard like so:

All done, now select the markets (via that you like the bot to trade on for you. For more information on that navigate here.

Good luck and happy botting!

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