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What are the advanced features that are visible per selected market in the markets menu and what do they do?
What are the advanced features that are visible per selected market in the markets menu and what do they do?

Please be VERY careful with the "trade aggression" and "buy entry modulation"

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Below a very short summary of the available market features for selected markets.

Minimum trade profit percentage:

Configure the minimum net trade profit you would like the trade engine for you to achieve.

More details here.

Follow GMSG optimised minimum trade profit percentage:

Follow the automatically updated optimal value for the minimum trade profit percentage. This optimum is computed for each market individually using its price data of up to 100 days back.

More details here.

Trade engine aggressiveness:

This features allows for making the orders smaller or bigger. It is very risky to play with this setting before having a good feel for this bot. 15% we think is safe, 220% is known as "Kamikaze mode".

More details here.

HODL amount

Tell the bot to HODL some of the funds it is buying.

More details here.

Maximum buy price:

Tell the trade engine to never buy for more expensive than this price.

More details here.

Minimum sell price:

Tell the trade engine to never sell for less than this price.

Maximum sell price:

Tell the bot to try to sell for less than the given price. This allows for forcing orders more towards the current price. Note that it is just a hint, the bot will never sell for a loss.

Enable trailing sell/buy:

The "Trailing Stop" feature attempts to "lock-in" profit and to keep locking in more as the market keeps moving in your favour.

More details here.

Allow buys above trailing stop loss:

If this option is selected, then the bot may place buy orders above an existing trailing stop loss limit order. Otherwise, it will not do that, which is the default behaviour.

Buy entry modulation:

This features allows you to have the trade engine systematically buy at somewhat higher or lower prices.

More details here.

Surplus selling:

Surplus is funds on your balance, which was not acquired by the bot itself. The trade engine can sell this for you for current market prices and probably do a bit better.

More details here.

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