Surplus selling:

Surplus is alt coin on your balance, which was not acquired by the bot itself. Select this option if you would like to bot to sell this surplus for you on this market. Approximately every 15-20 minutes it will try to place an order for approximately 3% of your surplus, until all surplus is on order. Optionally, you can specify a minimum sell price per coin for this market.

Trade engine aggressiveness:

The trade engine model aggressiveness is expressed as a percentage. At the 0% level, the model is very conservative and at the 100% level, the model will be aggressive. More aggression results in larger buy orders and also more expected profit. On the flip side, however, the trade engine will acquire alt coins at a higher rate. Therefore, if your selected market crashes, it is more likely to convert your available base currency into the alt coin, draining your account. The default is 20% and at 100% the order quantities may be up to 3 times larger.

Minimum trade profit percentage:

The minimum trade profit percentage is used by the trade engine to determine the minimum price of sell orders. When a buy order has been closed, the trade engine will attempt to sell the acquired crypto with at least this percentage as profit, or close to it. Note that the trade engine has various smart mechanisms that may cause it to override this number and place the sell for more profit (but never for significantly less).

Maximum buy price:

The max buy price feature allows to set a maximum price for the alt coin on this market, possibly overriding the internal value of the bot itself. The value to enter should be the the price of the alt coin expressed in units of the base currency of this market (usually, BTC or ETH). Once a value is submitted here, the bot will cancel all outstanding buy orders above this value and place new buy orders only at or below this value.

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