You just joined GSMG and want to get started as quickly as possible? 

Make sure you have checked off all the following points!

  • Your Binance or Bittrex account is setup, API keys have been generated & those are entered into your GSMG account under the settings menu.

  • Funds need to be available in your exchange wallet for the bot to trade with (note, this is NOT about the fuel but about BTC, ETH, USD or USDT being available in your exchange account).

  • A minimum of 0.1 BTC, 1 ETH or 500 USD(T) is needed per market!

  • If there are no funds available in your Exchange account, you can not turn on the engine, it won't allow you! 

  • 1 market is selected you wish to trade on, before turning on the engine.

  • You have entered your private wallet ETH address in the GSMG platform under the settings menu.

  • You don't have to send any ETH to our address when you start for the first time. You get a few weeks to try out our platform for free! You are welcome ;).

  • The fuel you see in the dashboard is not used for trading, those are the credits that are used to pay for the platform. So do not send funds that are meant for trading to our wallet but to your Bittrex account. As we don't do refunds!

  • If you wish to change any settings within the GSMG platform you can do so without turning off the engine. All changes will automatically be processed by the trade engine.

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