Quick starting guide to using GSMG

The "must" read check list!

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You just joined GSMG and want to get started as quickly as possible? 

Make sure you have checked off all the following points!

  • Your exchange account is setup, API keys have been generated & those are entered into your GSMG account under the settings menu.

  • Funds need to be available in your exchange wallet for the bot to trade with

  • 1 market is selected you wish to trade on, before turning on the engine.

  • You don't have to send any ETH to your personal ETH deposit address when you start for the first time. You get a few weeks to try out our platform for free!

  • If you wish to change any settings within the GSMG platform you can do so without turning off the engine. All changes will automatically be processed by the trade engine.

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