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Step by step How-To guide!
The How-To setup your GSMG account with Binance
The How-To setup your GSMG account with Binance
This is a complete "step-by-step" guide to get you up and running for Binance
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Step 1: Create a GSMG account

Register an account on and confirm via the link you receive per email.

Step 2: Create a Binance account if you do not have one

Step 3: Now you have a Binance account, set up 2-factor authentication for it. This is necessary for the bot to work (see below).
When you log in for the first time, you will see Binance asking to set up 2 factor authentication:

Step 4: Setting up API keys and connect your GSMG account to your Binance account

Once you log in to your Binance account you will see the following page. Where you need to click "Enable".

You will be prompted to enter an API key label, you can give it any name you want of course. 

And when you press "Create new key" you will be prompted once more, this time to fill in your Google Authentication Code. Once you fill it in, an email will be sent to your email address asking to confirm you created the API key.

After clicking the "Confirm Create" button your API key will be created and you will automatically be re-directed to your API key settings page.

The newly generated key should like like so:

Only thing left to do is to copy both your displayed API key and Secret key into your GSMG account settings for Binance.

Click "Update API Settings" after filling in your API keys and make sure to enable the bot.
Step 4: Selecting markets & setting allocations

GSMG offers users to trade on any of the pairs available on the Binance exchange.

To set which pairs you want to trade on, open the Menu once more in your GSMG portal and click on "Markets".

You can now pick the pairs you want to trade on from the bottom part on screen being the "Available markets". When you enable them, they will show up in the top part of the screen, as being "Active markets":

Now you can set the desired allocation per market and also there are advanced features you can use per active market. 

More info on these advanced features can be found here

That is it, you are now trading fully automated! If you have any problems or questions, please check out the rest of the "Help Center" and of course you are free to contact us via live chat!


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