The trade engine model aggressiveness is expressed as a percentage. 

At the 0% level, the model is very conservative, at the 100% level, the model will be aggressive & at the 220% level, it will be extremely aggressive. 

More aggression results in larger buy orders and also more expected profit. 

On the flip side, however, the trade engine will acquire altcoins at a higher rate. Therefore, if your selected market crashes, it is more likely to convert your available base currency into the altcoin.
Effectively draining your account much faster than it would at the default value of 20%.

The default aggro is 20% and at 220% the order quantities may be up to 10-11 times larger. 

Example of how trade aggressiveness works:

The market used for this example was "BTC-TUSD", the only BTC market on this account. 

We will compare and show the difference between having the trade engine aggressiveness set to 20% & 180%.

Allocation was set to 100% with a total of 0.31 BTC available to the bot to use for the selected market.

The min. profit percentage setting was left at the default value of 1%.

Aggressiveness at 20%:

These are all buy orders set out by the bot at 20% aggro level, if you look at the amount of BTC left it says 0.051 .

These are the highest priced buy orders, please check the prices and look at the order sizes.

Aggressiveness at 180%:

In comparison to 20% aggro, the order spread is quite similar to 180% aggro. Big difference though, is the amount of available BTC left, 0.139 BTC.

Also, you now can compare the prices & the order sizes at 180% aggro. The order sizes are far bigger than they were at 20% aggro.

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