The GSMG fuel system

Topping-up your account and the "fuel" system for Standard subscriptions

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To learn about the "fuel" system skip ahead, otherwise, click here for a step-by-step guide to top-up your account.

The GSMG platform works on a pay-as-you-go system. Every top-up or deposit you make is converted to either fuel (when on the Standard subscription) or to time (when on any other subscription).

When on the Standard subscription, 25% of the trade profit worth will be deducted from your fuel credits. Accounts with a flat-fee subscription selected won't be charged for profit on completed order pairs.

As a new customer, you will receive an introductory 6 week trial time (8 with a referral code) to help become acquainted with the platform and to experience its value and features first hand. Should you desire to continue to make use of our services, a top-up and a change to a paid subscription will be required.

Hint: When you are on a flat-fee subscription and you'd like to take a break trading with GSMG. Turn off all your engines and put your subscription to Standard! This way you won't lose any trading time you've already paid for.


1. NO REFUNDS OF BOUGHT FUEL, so do not send more funds than you are willing to spend on the usage of the platform. GSMG is an automated trade service that places orders for its users but is managed by the end-user in terms of fund allocation and market selection. We EXPLICITLY do not wish to hold user funds on our wallet or manage the funds of any of our users because that would obligate us to request and validate your personal identity information, resulting in the loss of your anonymity which we want to avoid at all costs because we highly respect your online privacy. Also, fuel can not be transferred to other users, it's bound to the account that it is was originally accredited to.

2. Funds that are sent to the GSMG Credit address will be used as “fuel”, which is the credit system for GSMG, and should not be confused with your trading account. If you wish to deposit currency for trades, send the coins to your personal deposit address on the exchange. (E.g. Bittrex FAQ:

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