When to top-up your account

You have to top-up your account when you would like to change to a paid subscription after your free trial period or extend your current paid subscription.

What currency to use

GSMG currently only accepts the crypto currency ether.

Making a deposit step-by-step guide

Login to your GMSG account and navigate to "Settings" via the main menu:

Scroll down to "Subscription payments":

If you have never made a deposit before, you have to generate a personal ether deposit address by clicking the button that you find there:

Once an address is generate for you, things look like so:

Warning warning warning

As it says there, you should only send ether (ETH) and no other coins like USDT etc.

Also, only send ether through the Ethereum blockchain and not via other chains like Binance Smart Chain.

Finally, we never refund your deposits. This is because it would open us up to all kinds of hairy legal hassle related to holding customer funds in custody, if only briefly. So only deposit what you are willing to spend on our platform!

Topping-up from Binance

When sending ether from Binance, make sure to check the "Ethereum" network option like so:


Check also this article for some more warnings and disclaimers.

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