Huobi: Create an API key for trading with GSMG

This article describes how to create and configure API access from the GSMG trading systems to the Huobi Global exchange. Helpdesk | Support avatar
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To create an API key + secret navigate to your account on Huobi Global and login.

Then from the "Account" menu (third option on the top, with the icon), choose "API management", like so:

This will bring you to the API management console.

Here you can configure a new API key, as shown here:

After that you will have to consent to some disclaimers, which you will have to do otherwise you cannot generate the API key + secret.

Once you did that, you have to jump through some security hoops, like shown here:

If that went alright, you will now be shown your new API key and secret in a pop-up.

The secret is only shown once, so be sure to copy that into your GSGM account (further down), before closing this pop-up.

Open another window or tab in your browser and navigate to your GSMG account and then choose the "Settings" option from the main menu.

Check the Huobi tab and then copy-paste the API key and secret into the corresponding fields:

If you have configured your Huobi account (on the Huobi website) to pay the trading fees with HT (Huobi Token), then you can toggle the "Auto buy HT" option. The GSMG bot will then acquire small amounts of HT tokens (less than 100 USD worth eachtime) to pay for the fees.

Once your all done, don't forget to enable the engine by togging the corresponding toggle.

That was all, good luck and happy botting!

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