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Migrate from Binance to Huobi or Bittrex
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Binance will stop providing trading services for Dutch residents by July 12, 2023. This also means that our systems can no longer trade in your behalf on Binance. However, our services remain available to you at the Huobi and Bittrex (Global) exchanges. For the short term, we do not support any other exchanges yet than these two.

Action required for affected customers: you will have to move your funds to Huobi Global or Bittrex Global.

Of course we will move your "order history" for you (so that the bot knows at which prices to sell the acquired coin) to the exchange of your choice, you just have to let us know where you moved your funds.

Steps to follow:

To complete the process, please follow these steps:

  • Create an account at Huobi Global (or Bittrex global, here we stick to Huobi).

  • Go through the KYC process.

  • Turn off your trade engine on Binance and wait until all open orders have been cancelled.

  • Withdraw the funds for the GSMG bot from Binance to your wallets at Huobi.

  • If you were trading on, for example, Binance:ETH/BTC, transfer all the ETH acquired by the bot on Binance to Huobi, as well as all the BTC available to the bot on Binance for that market.

  • Create an API key + secret pair on Huobi, there is no need to whitelist any IP addressess

  • Upload the API key + secret to GSMG in the GSMG settings.

  • Select, configure and enable your desired markets on Huobi in the GSMG markets page

  • Contact GSMG support via the chat on the site and tell us where you moved your funds and which markets you would like the bot to continue trading on. We will the move your order history to Huobi (or Bittrex), check an example below.

  • Turn on the trade engine by using the toggle on the dashboard.

  • Done.


Suppose the GSMG bot was trading in your behalf on Binance:ETH/BTC. You can then check your "order history" on the orders page. For example:

We can move this order history for you so that the bot knows at what prices the ETH was acquired on Binance and it knows for how much BTC to sell the ETH on Huobi.

If you have any questions, just reach out to us via chat on our website (make sure you are logged in so that we can identify you).

Good luck! 👍

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