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If you have some surplus funds that you would like to "add" to the trade engine, such that the trade engine will sell (or hodl) it for you, then check the following example:

Suppose you have 1.5 BNB in your Binance wallet that you would like to have the bot sell for you for about 500 BUSD.

Proceed like so:

Navigate to the "Markets" page via the main menu. Then add the Binance market BNB/BUSD via the "Available markets" section. Keep the market allocation to 0% to avoid that the trade engine will start placing buy orders using your BUSD (if any).

Set the minimum trade profit percentage to 1% (and enable the trailing sell feature).

Then enable the market using the toggle so it looks like this:

Then navigate to the "Orders" section (from the main menu) and scroll down.

Click the button indicated with the green arrow:

Then fill out the form like so:

Note that the price of 495 BUSD is the "fake" buy price. The trade engine will try to sell for the configured 1% net profit.

Once you have submitted this buy order, you will see the sell order appear in half an hour or so.

Note that the "profit" will not be absorbed into your profit & loss figures on the dashboard. The reason is that the bot did not acquire these funds itself and therefore treats it as surplus funds.

Good luck!

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