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Fractional account value
Fractional account value
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The "fractional account value" for a quote currency is the estimated current worth of all your available funds (in your wallet) that are tied to the selected markets with that quote currency.

So if you have selected ADA/BTC, ETH/BTC and ETH/USDT, then you would find 2 "fractional account value" graphs on our site. One for BTC, lumping together ADA/BTC and ETH/BTC, and another one for USDT, based on the USDT in your wallet as well as the current worth of the acquired ETH on ETH/USDT.

As the market allocations are configured per quote currency and some measure of re-balancing is continuously taking place, it is useful to track the fractional account values to see whether the trade engine is doing its job at increasing your holdings over time.


The fractional account value for a quote currency is calculated as follows:

  1. The total amount of this quote currency in your wallet on the exchange, minus

  2. any quote currency that was acquired by the bot on "other" markets that coincidentally have this quote currency as their base currency, plus

  3.  the current worth of all acquired base currency on the markets for this quote currency.

To illustrate:

Suppose you have 1 BTC, 10 ETH and 5000 ADA in your wallet and you have selected ETH/BTC and ADA/ETH. Also suyppose 4 ETH was acquired on ETH/BTC.

Assuming the 5000 ADA is currently worth 1 ETH, then the "fractional account value" for ETH is 10 (quote in the wallet) - 4 (acquired as base from "other" markets) + 1 (current worth of ADA in ETH).

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