The allocation of funds is based on a per basecurrency basis. Allocating your BTC does not affect you ETH market funds allocation configuration. If you operate on multiple base currencies there's 100% to divide over each selected market per base currency. So working with 3 basecurrencies will grant you the option to allocate 3 x 100%.

If you want to cancel and clear all orders for a market, you can simply disable it via the markets menu, and the bot will start cancelling all open orders in the coming cycles. 

Keep in mind that depending on how many orders are open for a market, that it might take some time to process this request. Bittrex limits us to a certain amount of API calls per minute, so it will not be done instantly.

When you want to exit a market, but still have tokens that you want to sell off, you can simply put the allocation percentage of this market to 0%. This will cancel all outstanding buy orders, but the bot will still manage all the sell orders until everything has been sold off. This way, you as an user don't have to bother doing it yourself.

Also good to know is that when you turn off the Trade engine, it will cancel all outstanding orders that have been placed by it.


  • Set selected market to 0% allocation to have the bot sell off all the assets and not buy in further. This way gracefully exiting, not having to do it yourself and orders won't be closed at a loss.

  • Disable the selected market from the market menu to have all orders cancelled by the bot. If you decide to turn it back on, it will continue as it was.

  • Turning off the Trade engine cancels all outstanding orders created by the bot.

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