What do I get to see?

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Currently there are 2 dashboards available: The personal dashboard showing the basic metrics of the account and the platform global stats dashboard (https://stats.gsmg.io). Its current content:

  • Account status

  • Account fuel and fuel deposits made

  • Trade engine switch

  • Trade engine status

  • Account value in BTC and dollar value

  • A Graph displaying the account value over time since the account has been active

  • Trade history is there to show the last 100 trade pairs(*) completed, and how much profit was made on each of them. Also there is a column present which shows how much commission has been paid towards GSMG and deducted from the account fuel.

  • Profits summarized from all trades made so far, for any of the basecurrencies

*What are these “Trade Pairs”? Well, the TE places buy orders and when an order is executed it creates a sell order for that specific buy order with a minimum profit of 1%. When that sell order is executed, it’s placed back in the books with the minimal >= 1% markup + Exchange fees.

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